Reasons to Journal

I love to journal. In fact, I’m a bit of a geek about it. I think I’ve already mentioned that my most recent journal is leather with Tolkien’s Elvish script in it. But not everyone likes to journal. This week, I’m going to talk about reasons why you might want to journal.

Google “Why should I journal?” and quite a few websites will come up stating “Five Reasons Why You Should Journal”. A lot of them have to do with health and psychology.

If you’ve ever been stuck on a problem and had no idea how to fix it, writing about it is supposed to help. Journaling helps to clear out the cobwebs and dust bunnies from your mind and allows you to put more energy into “problem-solving instead of problem-storing”, according to Lifehack.

There is such a thing as Journal Therapy that helps people solve problems. “Journal therapy allows a person to write down, dialogue with, and analyze their issues and concerns,” according to “The practice allows people to be reflective, introspective, and intentional about their writing.”

Another reason to journal is because your posterity will want to read it someday to get to know you and your lifestyle better.

“When your grandkids are talking to people via hologram, they are going to be absolutely fascinated by your impressions of those ancient things like the alta vista and cell phones,” according to The Art of Manliness.

When thinking of grandchildren, consider whether or not you will be able to recall events and stories in the future. How well do you think you’re going to remember things that happen now when you only vaguely remember your eighth birthday party?

These are just a few of the positive reasons to journal. There are many other websites out there with many more reasons, and if you are still looking for reasons to journal, ask a journaling friend, or visit my blog again in the future. There will probably be another post like this one soon.


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