Creative Ways to Journal


You probably think that to journal is to write all the depressing things that happened in your life day after day. That’s probably why you don’t journal, because reading that stuff every day (if you go back to re-read your journals) can make you feel depressed all over again. At least, that’s my experience.

Finding new ways to journal creatively can make journaling more fun and less depressing. There are a variety of ways that you can get creative with your journal and you don’t even necessarily have to write in your journal.

“For the artists within, a sketching journal is great for keeping a visual record of special trips you have taken or experiences from your day to day lives,” according to Endpaper, The Paperblanks Blog.

An example of this can be found in this picture from Gnemo’s Sketchbook:

For those who like to get creative visually, but in other ways, you could do something similar with photos.

According to Journal Buddies, other creative ideas for journaling include writing with markers, pasting pictures into your journal, printing out text conversations and pasting them into your journal, making up a new animal, and writing down a cool new saying that you came up with.

According to Journaling Helps, Mother-daughter journals can be another way to journal. Journaling Helps defines this kind of journal as “A journal kept as a communication dialogue between mother and daughter.”

Ever had a dream that you wish you could remember but can’t? Dream journals may solve your problem as well as entertain you, according to Endpaper, The Paperblanks Blog.

“Time and again, I am amazed at how many fun, exciting, simple, and low-cost ways there are to embellish your journals,” according to Journal Buddies.